A stylish Italian short



Weardrops Video | Pietro Cremona x Gianfranco Ferrè

We’re always keeping our eyes open for great Italian fashion videos and, while we don’t have a lot of information on it, this clip from    Pietro Cremona definitely caught our attention. Weardrops is the latest short fashion film for Italian designer Gianfranco Ferrè and features the AW 2013/14 collection styled by Mika Mizutani with creative direction by Federico Piaggi and Stefano Citron.



Weardrops Video | Pietro Cremona x Gianfranco Ferrè


What makes the video unique are crisp black and white images that highlight the minimal elegance of Ferrè’s looks.  From the dimensional depths of swirling smoke trails to the surreal kaleidoscopic presentation of the models’ arms it’s a beautifully composed little film that’s worth watching.