This week Verona has turned into an international wine showcase thanks to Vinitaly, the world’s most famous wine trade show.  Led by my passion for wine, I headed over there to scout out what’s ganzo.

It was really hard to choose where to start tasting so, as usual, I went to the closest pavillions: Campania, Lombardia and Sicily. I couldn’t pass up the classics, so I spent most of the rest of the day in the Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany pavillions. There were so many wines that I chose which ones to try by the colors of the stands, the designs of the labels, or simply how friendly the person pouring the wine was.


spilling wine

Pouring wine | Photo Filippo Callegaro


Tuscan Wine Chianti Classico | Photo Filippo Callegaro


At one stand I used my phone to read the QR code on a bottle of wine and discovered a story straight out of a movie: a young English couple moves to Tuscany, starts making wine and now has a successful business present at the top wine trade show!

Maybe it was the conversation, maybe it was the rustic and beautiful stand or maybe it was my passion for Chianti, but I spent half an hour at the Vino Sorelli stand speaking with Marco and Renato and tasting wines.  In addition to an amazing Chianti (I think it was called Petriolo), they told me about another wine that takes its name Belsedere from a small hill in Orcia, near Siena, where it’s made.  I was glad for the explanation since until then my mind was running wild thinking of the ways they could have come up with that name (bel sedere means nice butt in Italian)!


vinitaly belsedere

Is really called "Belsedere"?


Having Belsedere | Photo Filippo Callegaro


Now, I’m not a wine expert and this is the biggest wine show in the world, so of course I was a bit intimidated at first.  However, I came to realize that while these people are professionals, they are also very social and selling wine isn’t about being agressive.  Instead it’s about sharing the story of a wine.  When people sip your product you want them to taste where it comes from and then imagine all the other people thousands of miles apart who experience the same journey through a glass.

In a stand the shape of a castle, in a lounge bar, and in a small stand, I felt like I was the only one tasting the wine, but then I remembered the many people like me who have gathered here because what they’re sharing isn’t just a bottle of wine they’ve made, it’s a passion.



Sorelli Stand | Vinitaly


petriolo vinitaly

Chianti Petriolo