Ciao” in Italian doesn’t just mean “hello.”

Thanks to Piaggio, Ciao is also the name of a true symbol of Italian culture in the ’70s and’80s.  It ranks with the Vespa as a leading two-wheeled vehicle. Its production started in the mid ‘60s and continued for over 40 years, making the Piaggio Ciao an iconic form of transportation for two generations.

Simple, elegant, economic.  From an office worker to a student, everybody was able to own a Ciao and, for a lot of people, it represented their first experience in the motorcycle world.


Motor vehicle, Ciao Piaggio

A black model of the Piaggio Ciao


When it was first launched, the Piaggio Ciao represented the most effective and clever motor vehicle that ever existed and it was built from a simple idea … if you think about it the Ciao is essentially just a bicycle with a motor on it!

Beyond its tall and safe wheels, its main feature is the simple and light frame that made it so widespread and famous among men and women of different ages, all of whom just wanted a simple motor vehicle with a minimal and neat design.


Ciao Piaggio Red

The first Ciao model in red.


Black new Model +Ciao Piaggio

A new black Ciao Piaggio model.


I remember that my grandfather had an old white Ciao when I was young and sometimes, while I was visiting him, I used to take it on a ride in the countryside.

My grandfather would tell me how he and my grandmother used to ride it everywhere, from long trips to the beach to a simple ride in the city.  It was also useful on shopping trips thanks to a rear rack. Even after years passed, it was still working perfectly and this was the reason why my grandfather was so glade to have one. It was definitely practical, safe, silent, easy to use and it didn’t waste too much gasoline.  In one word: great!

Overall, Ciao is the motorcycle that represented a real turning point in the way small vehicles were styled and technically designed.  Its role in the way Italians thought about everyday travel can’t be quantified, but its current success and popularity can: 3,500,000 are sold all over the world every year!


Alfredo Montresor +Ciao +Piaggio

An old white Ciao Piaggio, image Alfredo Montresor.