I really enjoyed writing my first blog piece about my parents and what they wore, so I decided to continue the tradition, until I run out of cool images to show you.

Last time I told you how great their outfits looked and just how great pictures were back then, from images of my Dad in the ’60s to photos from the late ’70s.  I mean, look at this…


Vintage 60s-70s

My Mom in 1960s Spain


In this photo my mom is only 15.  Not only does she have the sweetest baby face, but she’s also rockin’ American flag pants just like I did a few posts ago! Here we’re in the 60s in Spain.  My Mom says many people would criticize this look, due to the negative aura America was creating at the time with the Vietnam War.

And this? How cool is this shot of my mama. I want these boots.


Vintage Style Pupa

My Mom's great boots


Dad, I wish you had kept this superman sweater!  And your super cool shades that you never took off.


The way they were part 2

My Super-dad

The super-shades


I want this fringed bathing suit!  I find it adorable and Mom’s belly-bump is so cute.


Pregnant and stylish


I’m not quite sure what my Mom is doing in this photo, but I guess this is where my goofy side comes from as well as my absolute passion for red!


I love the goofiness and the red...


Here we go, looking classy again…I want everything here, including her dreamy look and that amazing piece of chocolate cake.


Aww, this is sunny London and yes, she’s wearing her famous “Pantaloni a Palazzo” as we call them, wide white bell bottoms with a belted baggy shirt and a hat to finish it off.


Mom in London


Well, now that I’m chronologically disoriented and nostalgic again, it’s time to say goodbye.


Dad and Mom