November 2011: Italian Vintage before it was Vintage

Today I am teary eyed and my hands are filled with dust. My mind is spinning like I’ve just gotten off a roller-coaster. After spending some time in storage looking at old pictures of my family, I can’t help but be addicted to more and more images.  Digging into one album, then the next and on again I have that familiar feeling we Italians love: nostalgia.


Italian vintage fashion snapshot

My Father


We can try to imitate the way our parents looked with vintage clothes and these new Hipstamatic images (funny how decades of technology have brought us back to loving that old film feel), but there’s truly nothing like the real thing. There is nothing like the people who lived at THAT time and wore THOSE CLOTHES and took great quality pictures very few times in special moments.


Italian vintage street snapshot

My Father in Via Ripetta, Rome. The 60s.


Rome in the sixties looks like a dream world. It ‘s the Rome we all imagine when we think of Rome as a romantic city or as the city of La Dolce Vita.

Italian vintage couple snapshot

My Father and his high school crush Paola in Rome. The 60s.


Spain vintage snapshot

My Grandmother, Father, Mother and a cousin in Barcelona, Spain. Early 70s.

I can’t help but adore everyone here. This is when my mom introduced my dad to the family.  She opted for a Arabian princess look topped with a black elegant cashmere cape, but my dad went more classic. My grandmother picked her gold pochette, pearl bracelet and cropped fur jacket (I still own it!)


The shift from 60’s to 70’s is so clear in the images below. I love my mother’s Fiorucci Shirt and her cowboy hat. You can tell she was excited to move to California and had the most amazing time during those first few years.


Italian vintage fashion snapshot

My Mother

Italian vintage snapshot


I cant get over this green shirt she’s wearing with the collar up or my dad’s casual look. We have to remember that loungy casual wear started right here.


Italian vintage couple snapshot


Italian vintage couple snapshot


Love Love Love! His highwaisted jeans, his shirt with the buttons open (so Italian Macho) and the shades that match. My Mom went for a brown shirt and comfortable pants. A belt to give it that feminine touch paired with a beaded necklace. Look at her tall bulky platforms, typical of the time.

Well, theres so much more I’d love to show…but I have to get back to work and stop dreaming!