Is garbage useful? Probably not for everyone, but L017 have taken other people’s unused and unloved trash and turned it into the materials of their artistic project.

“Vinyl Record Art” is a curious project created by the Italian duo Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa, creative thinkers who cooperate under the name of L017.


Vinyl Record Art |  L017

Through the Barricades | L017


Through the Barricade | L017


What they do is simple, but effective. They collect waste materials and recycled objects that have been discarded or forgotten, and they give them a new context, a new shape, a new function, showing them in a new way to enhance their beauty.

They have always thought that abandoned things and old objects have a particular charm…and they know how to bring it out! Specifically, “Vinyl Record Art” uses antique vinyl records combined with other waste materials, such as VHS tapes and religious statues.

Vinyl Record Art

Syracuse in VHS | L017


Always looking for new materials, while experimenting with new forms and layouts, they are truly creative artists who can reshape old objects into brand new and unique pieces of art.


Vinyl Record art

Plexi Skull| L017


Vinyl record art

Fixed Khrist Super Star | L017


Vinyl record art

Figurines | L017

Vinyl recors art

4everD | L017