“Fine is the story of the birth, life and death of a soldier, represented on a hand” by Virgilio Villoresi


Fine hand

Fine by Virgilio Villoresi


What can an artist represent with just his own hands as material?  It’s hard for most people to come up with an answer, but Virgilio Villoresi  took the challenge and used it to show everyone his  animation genius. The Italian artist has created 23 sequences on a blue backcloth which, when merged with  create a veritable cinematographic editing through the hand.  The movie is inspired by the concept of hand painting.  It is very close to the finger movement works of Mario Mariotti and reminds us of  Guido Daniele who we featured last year.



The Subtitle: The story of birth, life and death of a soldier


All of Virgilio Villoresi’s videos are characterized by handcrafted production details and this signature has been displayed in multiple forms and collaborations.  His skills have led him to work on Vinicio Capossela’s music video “Pryntyl” and participate in international contemporary art exhibitions.  At Art Basel Miami where he was he showed his video “J” which used an interesting technique: a rotoscoping photo printed on plain paper is in a 3D background and animated in stop-motion.


Virgilio Villoresi foto

Virgilio Villoresi


In 2011 Virgilio Villoresi began working on 2 commercials which he directed and creatively conceived for Moleskine, “Le Petit Prince” and “New Moleskine Collection,” as well as a video for Vogue Italy called “A Short Movie with Dsquared.”

Enjoy the movie!!!