Vous Pour Moi Tattoo T-Shirts | Pietro Sedda


You love the images that come from the fabulous and magical imagination of the internationally recognized tattoo artist Pietro Sedda, but you’re not ready to commit to a permanent version.  Well, thanks to his t-shirt collection you can still wear his creations, even if it is just for a day at a time.

Pietro Sedda, who has a background in fine arts, gives new life to the symbols and icons  of old-school traditional tattoos, as he invests them with real emotional weight.  Printed on basic white or black tees, Sedda’s hybrid creatures – half human and half animal – recall legendary adventures of sailors and stories of sad women and rich men. Sedda’s works are not simply drawings; they are mythical stories, now wearable on fabric.

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Sedda at work.


Cock Man Tee | Pietro Sedda




Black Vous Pour Moi Tee | Pietro Sedda



Maria Tee | Pietro Sedda