Valentine typewriter red by Ettore Sottsass

Valentine Portable Typewriter | Olivetti by Ettore Sottsass | 1969


When legendary Italian designer Ettore Sottsass introduced the Valentine typewriter in 1969 he described it as the “biro ballpoint pen among typewriters” – a “normal” object without the allure of a status symbol, an anti-machine.

Fast forward 42 years to today and the Valentine is a cult design object featured in the Museum of Modern Art and selling for $300.00 to more than $1,000.00.

So how did this “normal” piece of design become the most beloved typewriter ever?  Because Ettore Sottsass wanted to make this portable and light typewriter, for people on the move, people who love to be creative everywhere –maybe sitting in their favorite café, or lounging lazily on the beach –  people who avoid the walls of a cubicle.


valentine typewriter complete by Ettore Sottsass

The Valentine with is case. Grab it everywhere!


So what makes inventions like the Valentine vintage? Vintage is something – an object, a machine, a piece of art – with an appeal that survives the flow of time.  Over the years it jumps from the category of popular to that of icon and legend.

Italians have created many amazing legends– you can find them in every field: fashion, arts, design fields. Highly aesthetic, functional and creative, Italian goods continue to become vintage must haves wanted around the world.

So join us and everyone who is Valentine-obsessed in enjoying this bright red beauty… this is Italian vintage!


1969 advertising Valentine leisure time

The leisure of writing in this 1969 advertisement. The Valentine was a revolution!


1969 advertising Valentine

The Valentine met the needs of every kind of writer: pilots too


advertising poster Valentine

An original ad for the Valentine


valentine poster

The Valentine by Ettore Sottsass