“Reaching a small village of windsurfers in northern Brazil … a lot of sails destroyed by strong wind, and from there an idea, why throw them away? Let’s turn them into sail bags! “

Simple?! Not really! All of designer Federica Sacchini’s collections and Wind LittleBag products give you the feeling that you have your feet in the sand are gazing at a beautiful horizon. Inspired by her trip to Brazil,  Federica developed a creative recycling project – upcycling sails that were still wet and smelling of the sea into bags.  Gradually, this concept was extended to many other used objects that can be found on the beach or at a marina, from the finishings of boats to air mattresses that had been abandoned by tourists at the end of the summer vacation season.


Brazil Sunset

Brazilian Sunset


Federica turns all this stuff into innovative, young, colorful handbags and accessories.  Each of them is strongly related to wind, sun and water, elements that let you carry your pleasant memories of past summers, travels and sunny shores with you throughout the year.


sail bags 1

Wind Little Bag


Every product is a unique piece designed following four basic steps: the careful hunt for materials so closely lined to the beach that they still smell of the sea and the cleaning, cutting and assembly of each creation.


sail bags 2



Given the immediate success of the bags inspired by the Italian proverb ” summer lasts all year long,” Federica enhanced her collections with scarves, bedspreads and pillows.



Wind little Bag Scarfs

windsurf bag



Wind LittleBag detail