Italian Photographer Alessandro Mitola Photography - Breathing Underwater

Breathing Under Water | Alessandro Mitola


His personal style is reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean.  He drinks gin and tonic.  He is obsessed with beauty.

At age 24 self-taught photographer Alessandro Mitola is already building a biography that recalls those artists of hipster eras long past. For example, consider the fact that he not only has a muse, but is also deeply in love with her.  Then consider that he set off with her for a six month adventure in Manhattan where he thrived on the city’s energy.

With a portfolio of photographs that are subdued, but at the same time full of an almost otherworldly emotion, Alessandro’s press list is growing. I asked him a few questions to find out more about the story  he is building behind the lens.

Alessandro Mitola Photography - Smooth

Smooth | Alessandro Mitola


What is the first photo you took that you were proud of?

A photo that I took with my father’s camera more than 2 years ago in Amsterdam during a vacation, it’s on film and I think that you can feel the atmosphere of that beautiful city.

I’ve seen people describe your work with the words “fear” and “phobia.” Do you think that’s accurate?  What words would you use to describe your photography?

If they describe my work in that way it means that it provokes emotion in the viewer, that’s great isn’t it? Anyway in my photographs I can see elegance, darkness and honesty.

Alessandro Mitola Photography - Chasing the Wind

Chasing the Wind | Alessandro Mitola


Aside from your passport, what makes you an “Italian” photographer?

That’s a good question, the fact that Italy is the land of beauty makes me an Italian photographer, I like to observe and I am always searching for beauty. I’m sort of obsessed with beauty, not as image or appearance but as a true and sincere expression of human nature.

You seem to be very passionate about music.  How would you describe the relationship between music and photography?

Yes I am, I spend a lot of time listening to music and discovering new bands. The relation is simple, both music and photography are therapeutic for me.

Italian Photographer Alessandro Mitola Photography - Tusk

Tusk | Alessandro Mitola

What is it about Hedi Slimane that makes him such an influence for you?  Who are the other artists that have influenced you? 

I have a big respect and regard for Hedi Slimane, I’m totally in love with his approach to fashion and music. There are no artists that have directly influenced my way of taking pictures.  There are a lot of things that influenced me, but not specific artists.

How did you meet your girlfriend/model/muse, Francesca?

I first met Francesca in the second year of University and we discovered that when we were teenagers we used to hang out in the same places and we had a lot of mutual friends but we had never seen each other before University, that’s crazy!

Italian Photographer Alessandro Mitola Photography - Echoes

Echoes | Alessandro Mitola


One of your photos of New York is called “Dreams.”  How did you get the opportunity to stay in New York for six months?  Do you think the trip influenced your style of photography? Do you dream of returning there?

After the bachelor’s degree I decided, with Francesca, to walk a different path.  We decided not to continue with school but try something different. This trip influenced my whole life, my whole point of view not only my photography. I dream of being in a place where I can express myself.

Italian Photographer Alessandro Mitola as a Child

Alessandro as a child


What pictures/posters/photos are on your bedroom walls?

You won’t believe me but I have no photographs in my bedroom, just a blue wall all over covered in mirrors.

What makes you feel at home even when you are in another country?

Home is wherever I’m with Francesca.

Italian Photographer Alessandro Mitola - Dark is the Way, Light is the Place

Dark is the Way, Light is the Place | Alessandro Mitola